Old News relating to Hemel Hempstead

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Hemel Hempstead

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Theft of Dog from John Catling of the Swan Inn, Boxmoor - 1819
Disposal of George Holloway's Brewery and Public Houses - 1827
Hemel Hempstead Statute Fair - 1841
William Weatherhead missing in Australian Gold Rush - 1857

The Waterworks, Baths, and Washhouses at Hemel Hempstead - opened 1867

Furious Driving in 1868
Unsound Fish on Hemel Hempstead Market, 1875
Soup Kitchens in 1876
A selection of news items from the Gazette in a typical week 1890
Ballooning in Hertfordshire 1891
Hemel Hempstead Council and Committees in 1911/2
Army Manoeuvres in Hertfordshire in 1913
Tar Damage to Watercress Beds at Hemel Hempstead 1914
Theft of Sweets - Boys to be thrashed 1914
Joseph Kimich, Jeweller, Advert 1915
VAD Hospital at Boxmoor 1916
School Play "Cinderella" at Oakley Lodge, Hemel Hempstead, 1916
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