Little Hadham


Post Card view of the Village, Little Hadham, by J Houghton
The Village, Little Hadham
Postcard published by J Houghton, Post Office, Little Hadham
posted 1912

Little Hadham (4 miles s.) includes Hadham Ford, Westland Green, Green Street and Bury Green. At the last-named are three splendid medieval farmhouses. Hadham Hall, built for the Capel family and later partly destroyed by fire, retains many beautiful Elizabethan features. The Hall was acquired by the Hertfordshire County Council some years ago and has been extended considerably. It is now a splendid bilateral Secondary School with spacious playing fields and gardens. The parish church dates from the 12th century and is notable for its timbered south porch. The oaken chancel screen is 500 years old.

Braughing Rural District Official Guide 1971


Post card of Hadham Hall, Little Hadham, Herts  

Hadham Hall, the property and residence of William Minet esq, M.A. F.S.A. is a mansion of the Late Elizabethan period; the principal entrance is flanked by two hexagonal towers; a long corridor, with mullioned windows, funs the whole length of the house; Queen Elizabeth is said to have visited the Hall in 1578.

Kelly's Directory for Hertfordshire, 1902


St Edmund's Church

[Now dedicated to St Cecilia]


Drawing of Little Hadham windmill, by Alderman

Windmill at Little Hadham
Alderman, A Pilgrimage in Hertfordshire, 1931


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HALE, Little Hadham, 19th century
Uncle's Farm, Little Hadham
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Post card of The Ford, Little Hadham posted 1912, by J. Houghton   Card published by J. Houghton, Post Office, Little Hadham.

Card posted 10 November 1912

In 1911 a widower, Charles Poile, (Brewer's traveller, 43, born Rolveden, Kent) was living at The Ford, Little Hadham, with an 11 year old daughter, Frances (born Little Hadham) and a nephew, William Wood (12, born Penge, Kent). The housekeeper was Kathleen Jones (27, born Albury) who was undoubtedly the Kathleen who wrote this card. Kathleen's parents were William Jordan Jones and Sarah Lydia Uncle. Sarah may well have been a member of the family discussed as UNCLE, Much Hadham, early 19th century.

The card was sent to Nellie Ballard (20, born Ellen Paddington, London) of 44 Churton Street, Vauxhall Bridge Road. Her husband, Leonard (26, born Fareham, Hampshire), was a London Metropolitan Police Constable.

Another undatable card (not purchased) read: Dr. N.  Thanks for Card, coming up Wed: with a gentleman friend, will call to see you in the afternoon. I have got a nice dress for Baby. Let me have a card to know it is all right. Love to you all, yours Kitty.
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