Aldbury Postcard Publishers

Muncey & Dickens




There were two shops publishing postcards from premises round the Village Green, Aldbury, during early part of the 20th century. 

Thomas Muncey

At the time of the 1901 census Thomas Muncey (born at nearby Northchurch circa 1839) ran the "Village shop". Postcards labelled "Muncey, The Stores, Aldbury" were probably on sale by 1905. Thomas was still listed in the Kelly's Directory for 1914 but by 1917 he had been succeeded by his son Clement

General View, Aldbury
Muncey, The Stores, Aldbury
Posted 1910, printed circa 1905
(card also published uncoloured)
Aldbury Church
Muncey, The Stores, Aldbury
posted 1911, printed circa 1905
The Stocks, Aldbury
T. Muncey, The Stores, Aldbury
Posted 1910

The Village, Aldbury, No 1
T Muncey, The Stores, Aldbury
Posted circa 1905

Stocks Park, Aldbury
T. Muncey, Aldbury
circa 1905

Charles Dickens

In 1901 Charles Dickens (born Reading, Berkshire circa 1878) was a postman working for his aunt Eliza Mary Glenister (a spinster born at Northchurch circa 1836) who ran the village Post Office, which was next to the Greyhound Inn. Charles was the son of Samuel Charles Dickens (born at Northchurch circa 1855) who had a bakers shop on the Village Green. By 1917 he had succeed Miss Glenister as the sub-postmaster and most of the cards I have seen cards labelled "C. Dickens" were probably published after the First World War.

Aldbury Church
C. Dickens, Aldbury,Tring
early 20th century

Stocks and Old Houses, Aldbury
Copyright Dickens, Aldbury

Old Stocks and Pond, Aldbury
C. Dickens, Aldbury
posted 1917

The Front Holloway, Aldbury
C. Dickens, Aldbury
pre-1918 back

The Back Holloway, Aldbury
C. Dickens, Aldbury, Tring
Stocks House, Aldbury
C. Dickens, Aldbury
pre-1918 back
Stocks Cottage, Aldbury
C. Dickens, Aldbury
pre-1918 back

Stocks Estate from Moneybury Hill, Aldbury

C. Dickens, Aldbury, Tring

Aldbury. View from the Church

C. Dickens, Aldbury, Tring

Stella Cox (stella.cox1961 @t from Somerset writes : Charles Dickens was my grandfather. He past away in March 1980.

Some cards published by S. Dickens, Tring, may have been published by Charles's father at Aldbury

Many other Hertfordshire and National companies published postcards of Aldbury.

Please tell me if you have any further information about the above postcards.

March 2011   Note from Sella about Charles Dickens