The Grand Junction Canal

(Later Grand Union Canal)

At Watford


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Bridge Number 164 on Grove Mill


Snapshot circa 1920


Water Colour circa 1929



Cassiobury Park, Watford

Blum & Degan: Kromo Series T 22274   Posted 1911


Bridge Number 165 on Grove Mill



Canal, Grove Mill Lane, Watford
Published by E G Boyle, Post Office, The Parade, High Street, Watford
No G 4046-408

Picture taken from
Bridge Number 165


Bridge Number 166

Norman's Two - The twin locks 76 & 77

See Lock Cottages, Cassiobury Park, Watford, circa 1900

cassiobury-britton-view-from-west cana

Detail showing working barges shortly after the canal opened, from an aquatint showing Cassiobury House from the West by J. M. W. Turner.

From Britton's Cassiobury, published 1837

Ironbridge Lock, No 78, Cassiobury Park


Canal Locks, Watford
B & D Kromo No 21593
posted 1908

Pictures taken of
Lock 78 from

Bridge Number 167

I have not been able to trace W & S Fosters. Can you help?


watford-cassio-canal-lock-02   Watford, The Canal
Photochrom No 36517
Posted 1920s?


Snapshot from 1916

The narrowboat in the picture was owned by
Fellows. Morton & Clayton, Ltd
They were major carriers along the canal.




Canal & Lock, Watford


Navigation Bridge From Britton's Cassiobury, published 1837


The Canal, Cassiobury Park, Watford
Valentine card JV 204552
Photo 1928, Posted 1934

Cassio Bridge - Number 168
Cassio Bridge Lock - Number 79

Cassio Bridge, Watford
Warren Photos, Watford
posted 1908
[Albert Warren, Photographer, 73 Vicarage Road, Watford. Kelly 1908]

The pub by the bridge over the canal is the Halfway House
[Mrs Eliza Colebrook, Halfway House, Cassio Bridge Wharf, Watford. Kelly 1908]

  The Canal at Cassio Bridge

One of the many photographs of the canal in Scott Hastie and David Spain's book:
A Hertfordshire Valley.



A London General County Bus crosses Cassio Bridge on the border of Croxley and Watford c. 1920. The bridge was partly rebuilt by the Hertfordshire County Council in 1922.

Around Rickmansworth

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