The Road Through Harpenden

by Chris Reynolds


Repairs Needed

While the road between St Albans and Harpenden was a turnpike this did not stop complaints about how it was maintained.

CORRESPONDENCE - Sir. Permit me through the columns of your Journal to call the attention of the Surveyors of the Highway of the Parish of Sandridge to the want of a fence at Bernard’s Heath, on the road leading from St Albans to Harpenden. I may also mention that the middle of the road, instead of being the highest part of it, is the lowest. H

The Herts Advertiser 15th January 1859

Bad State of the Harpenden Road. – Our attention has been directed to the bad state in which the road between St Albans and Harpenden is kept. A gentleman, who drove over the ground one day this week, says that stones and brickbats, nearly as large as his chaise lamps, were being thrown on the road. Surely, with a sixpenny gate between the two places, the road should be properly mended, and not allowed to be in the dangerous condition described to us.

The Herts Advertiser 2nd November 1861

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For some information about how road repairs were carried out in the 18th century see Regulating weights of carriages

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