The Road Through Harpenden

by Chris Reynolds


The following consists of the slides and edited text of a talk given to the Harpenden Local History Society in February 2002, as amended and extended for a talk to the Harpenden U.3.A. given on 14th October 2004.


1 The Road through Harpenden
Saxon Boundaries
2 The Travels of Edward I
3 The Second Battle of St Albans
4 Hertfordshire Map - Saxton 1577
5 Rothamsted Estate Map 1623
6 Hertfordshire Map - Oliver 1695
7 Oliver's Account of the Roads
Ogilby's Strip Map, 1719
8 The 1743 Turnpike Act
9 The Turnpike is set up in Harpenden
10 Where was Neales Corner
11 The Tolls in the 1744 Act
12 Owen & Bowen's Strip Map 1755
13 Dury & Andrews Hertfordshire Map 1766
14 The Brickworks along the Road
15 Patterson's route through Harpenden 1811
16 A Stage Coach comes to grief
17 Resurrectionists at Work
18 Highway men along the Road
19 From Luton to London 1830
20 The Peveril of the Peak
21 The Snow Storm of 1836
22 The Coming of the Railways
23 Coaches still running in 1850
24 A Roadside Inn - Old Roson
25 The End of Coaches to Harpenden
Local Horse Transport
26 The Road needs repairs
27 Incidents on the Road
28 The St Albans Highway Board
29 Trap Accident in 1891
30 The March from Leicester to London
31 A Smashing Finish
32 The Coming of the Bicycle
Early News Accounts of Bicycles
The Reynolds Family on their Bikes
Some Bicycling Accidents
Buying your Bicycle
News Accounts of Early Motoring Accidents
The Car has arrived