The Road Through Harpenden

by Chris Reynolds


Incidents on the road

Road accidents and traffic offences are nothing new as these two stories show.

ACCIDENT. On Tuesday afternoon last, while a farm labourer named Philpot, in the employ of Mr. Barford, at Townsend Farm, was driving home a horse and cart by the Harpenden-road, at a turning, the horse suddenly shied and starting off came in collision with another team coming in the opposite direction. The cart was in consequence overturned on Philpot, who was thereby somewhat severely injured. He was conveyed to his home in the Old Road, where on examination it was found that no bones were broken.

The Herts Advertiser 30th May 1868

David Martin was charged with riding asleep on a cart, on the 21st inst., in the parish of Sandridge.

Police-constable Day said that he was in the Harpenden-road with Police-constable Quint, when he saw the defendant, who works for Mr. Dickinson, farmer, [almost certainly Mr Charles Dickinson, New Farm, Harpenden Road] asleep in the cart. He was very drunk, and nearly fell over the cart, so that they hesitated whether they should leave him. He abused them as they went away.

The defendant said he had not been in the cart five minutes. He might have been drowsy, for he had had a little beer at the Cricketers, but he was not asleep.

Fined 2/6, costs 11/6.

The Herts Advertiser 2nd October 1869

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Other Incidents

Carriage Accident, 1890

Trap Accident, 1891

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