The Fox, Darley Hall, Kings Walden

July, 2007

Clive Pratt (clive.pratt1 @t of Fareham, Hampshire writes: My great great grandfather's brother, Henry Flewer, is shown on the 1891 census as the publican of The Fox in the village of Kings Walden. I cannot find at the moment any info on this public house, it looks as if it no longer exists under that name. I am hoping you may have some knowledge of it, or perhaps suggest where I can look.

The problem is not that The Fox has gone but rather that it has effectively been  "moved" while staying in the same place! (See Boundary Changes.)

Kings Walden, like many places in Hertfordshire, is a village and a larger rural parish with a number of outlying settlements. A help page Locating Census Addresses on Maps shows how you can often find a property by looking at the order properties are recorded on the census return.

The 1891 census book records The Fox to be in a rural area away from the main village of Kings Walden. The immediately preceding properties being in Breachwood Green. The Fox is at Darley Hall. A look at either an 1880s Ordnance Survey map or a modern online street map shows that Darley Hall (or Darleyhall) is close to the Herts/Beds border between Breachwood Green and Luton - the latest maps showing it is to the N.E. of Luton Airport.

Detail from Bryant's 1822 map of Hertfordshire (Hertfordshire Record Society)

Knowing that The Fox is at Darley Hall suggested a google search for "Darley Hall" and "Fox." This reveals a number of references - nearly all giving a Luton rather than a Kings Walden or Hertfordshire address. One of pages included the following review:

What a surprise to find such a quaint traditional pub so on the outskirts of Luton. Mainly a foody pub with excellent menu. The staff are friendly and helpful. Booking is definitely advised ... Had a great evening there with partner and parents and it's going to be on the regular list for a reasonably priced meal that is better than the average pub grub.

Sounds very much as if The Fox is still in action - and well worth a visit!

Other Possible Sources:

There is a web page for Kings Walden

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