Multiview post card of Berkhamsted - posted 1910

Souvenir of Berkhamsted  - posted August 1910

Early spelling variable - often spelt Berkhampstead. Also called Great Berkhampstead to distinguish it from Little Berkhampstead

The town of Berkhamsted includes the parish of St Peter's, Berkhamsted, St Mary's, Northchurch and the modern parish of Sunnyside.

In 1973 Berkhamsted became part of the new borough of Dacorum, which is named after an ancient Saxon hundred of the same name.

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Barkhamstead is a good Market Towne, and it had once a castle there of strength; the Ruines of it are there yet to be seene; it hath been the habitation for Kings and Princes, for the most noble Prince Richard Brother to the King of England, dyed there; which Richard was King of the Romanes, and Erle of Cornewall. This Castle ruined is also famous for the residence there of that most illustrious Royall Spark, Edward the Black Prince; and lastly it is memorable for being the birth place of King Richard the third. Barkhamstead hath two taverns allowed or kept by Stephen Besowth and Francis Baker.

John Taylor, The Taverns of Hertfordshire, 1636

The Town Hall, circa 1900, from Berkhamsted: An Illustrated History


St Peter's Church

Berkhamsted Castle

Castle Street

Berkhamsted High Street

Berkhamsted Schools

Inns of Court (WW1)

Railway Station

Grand Junction Canal

J T Newman, photographer

Castle Series Post Cards

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The Station, Berkhamsted, circa 1910 - Published by LN in Castle Series  

The Station, Berkhamsted
Castle Series card No 520

circa 1910
See also the Grand Junction Canal

Berkhamsted Common (circa 1905)
postcard from Loosley & Sons, Stationers, Berkhamsted

All Saints Church, Berkhamsted -TVAP card - undated

The Church was dedicated 2nd June 1906

Title: The Town Hall, Berkhamsted - Publisher: Looseley & Sons, Stationers
The Town Hall - posted 1904
The card was published by Loosley & Sons, who are listed in the 1902 Kelly's Directory as:
Loosley George & Sons, printers, booksellers, stationers, bookbinders, circulating library & news agents, 12 Castle Street & 164a High Street.

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Town Hall

Harefoot & Ashlyns

The Rectory

The Mill

Inns of Court
First World Was

Hunting by Newman

Parish Church
Painted PCs by A. Des Clayes
View from the South

An advert from Craven's 1854 Directory

March 2010   PC of Town Hall
April 2014   1854 advert