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Over the years I have given a number of talks, published books and booklets, and in addition there are texts of some unpublished research projects. The purpose of this section of the web site is to bring these items together and where possible make the material available online.


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Some publications and lecture topics by Chris Reynolds

The London Gunners come to Town describes life in Hemel Hemel during the First World War. Published 1995. Several lectures based on this book have been given and slanted towards particular audiences.

A Walk Along the High Street, Hemel Hempstead is based on the chapter The Local Shops in The London Gunners come to Town and was published as a walking guide in 2000.

Tring in 1947 is an account of the town from local news reports and town council records, published in 1997 to coincide with an exhibition. The text is on this web site.

The Tring Zeppelin is an online report, with illustrations, on Zeppelin raids during the First World War. It was first published in 1995.

A Short History of Bernards Heath is a reprinted lecture given in 2000 to raise money for a campaign to save an open space from redevelopment. It is available online on this site. Further information arising from my research into to this part of St Albans is posted on this site in various locations. The following lectures are all based on different aspects of the research:

The Road through Harpenden: The slides are online.

The Brickmakers of St Albans: The slides are online, together with extended biographies of selected St Albans Brickmakers.

Poaching and Petty Thieving in the St Albans Area: The slides are online.

Brick Pits & Other Old Hols on Bernards Heath: The slides are online together with some supporting notesIn addition I have given a talk on


In addition I have given a talk on Brick Pits & Brick Buildings near Tring

I started giving lectures on the use of local newspapers in local and family history research years before I started this web site - and a number of the examples are listed under Old News. It is planned to add further supporting material shortly, and possibly the text of one version of this talk.

[I am, of course, very happy to give a talk on the use of computers in local/family history research with specific reference to Hertfordshire.]

Special Features

The following represent special collections of pages which you might have difficulty in finding if you didn't know they existed.

Post Cards of Hertfordshire

The First World War in Hertfordshire (needs modification to be integrated with the "Terriers" talk)

A Military Christmas in Hertfordshire

Who is related to Who?

My Hertfordshire Ancestors (in progress)

The Inns & Public Houses of St Albans  in the 19th Century

Hemel Hempstead 1797 Directory

Research Documents

Over the last 20 years I have produced many draft documents and research notes and where appropriate these are being edited into a tidier format and made available usually as Word documents.

A major ongoing project relates to the Account Book of William Brown and additional minute books for the Tring Agricultural Association.

The following files have so far been issued:

Who's Who for the Marshalswick Murder
Hertfordshire Hangings 1820-1880
An Aylesbury Reformist
The Tring Zeppelin

The following files by other people are also available

Grove School, Watford, 1925-1929


The following are currently not available online

The Phipson One Name Study is a series of computer listings in book form giving details of over 500 people carrying the Phipson name world wide, going back to about 1535. Published in 1988. Details are not given here as there are few connections with Hertfordshire. However some attractive Hertfordshire scenes were painted by E. A. Phipson while William Phipson Walton (not mentioned in the study) was in school in Hertfordshire in 1881 - see WALTON/PHIPSON, Hertfordshire, late 19th century

The Ancestors of Lucy Ann Reynolds is a computer listing in book form giving details of all the ancestors of my older daughter (who died in 1985). Published in 1988. Details of Hertfordshire ancestors from the book, with later updates, are currently being posted on the site under The Hertfordshire Ancestors of Christopher Finch Reynolds

The Rendell Family of South Devon is a computer listing in book form giving details of my wife's farming ancestors. Published in 1988. There are no connections with Hertfordshire apart from my immediate family.

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