Hertfordshire is well known for its woods and trees - and here are some of the better known trees in the early 20th century.

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The Queen Beech, Ashridge

Published by Loosley & Sons and posted in 1919 (also known without text, posted 1909 but 1904 style back)

The Queen Beech standing in Ashridge Park, Berkhamsted, the seat of Earl Brownlow, remarkable for being the tallest beech in England rising 80 feet without a single branch.


A different view from a 1912 snapshot album.


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The Chestnut Tree, Langley House, Abbots Langley

Card by Coles, Photographer, Watford

Back suggest date of circa 1905 but posted in 1946


Chestnut Tree, by Downer

Chestnut Tree, by Valentine

JV 68617 (1911)



The Old Elm, Aldbury 
Frith's Series Z.7F.

This massive elm stood beside the pond at Aldbury until it was killed by Dutch Elm disease. An oak has now been planted in its place.

Does anyone have an early picture of the Deer Oak, Camfield Place, Essendon?

The Great Spanish Chestnut at Little Wymondley

There is a long article, but no picture, concerning this tree in the Hertfordshire Countryside for Spring 1947. What remained was merely part of the original but in 1789 William Gilpin wrote:  This Chestnut grows at a place called Wimley, near Hitchin Priory in Hertfordshire. In the year 1789, at five feet above the ground, its girth was somewhat more than fourteen yards. Its trunk was hollow, and in part open. But its vegetation was still vigorous. On one side its vast arms, shooting up in various forms, some upright and others oblique, were decayed and peeled at the extremities, but issued from luxuriant foliage at their insertion in the trunk. On the other side the foliage was still full, and hid all decay."


An Oak and Elm in Cassiobury Park, Watford

From Britton's Cassiobury, published 1837

Latimer's Elm, Hadley Wood

Photochrome, ?1920's? 


The Old Oak, Hadley


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A picture from 1813 and press reports of a Royal visitor in 1841

Article on the tree - with information on its dimensions from the Hertfordshire Illustrated Review, 1893

There is a later account (with picture) in the Hertfordshire Countryside Summer 1946 article Hertfordshire's famous Oaks. Other Oaks mentioned in this article include the Queen Elizabeth Oaks at Hatfield and Brocket Park; the Grimston Oak at Gorhambury, boundary oaks at Oxhey, and the Cardinal oak at Moor Park.)

Modern references and Pictures

Waller's Oak.


circa 1905

[The Special Trees and Wood of the Chilterns web site had a page on the tree but unfortunately it is longer available]


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[The Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty web site has a page on the tree.

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