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There were many windmills in Hertfordshire but most ceased to operate by about 1900 and in many cases there are no visible remains.




Hertfordshire Windmills and Windmillers

An excellent historical catalogue of windmills throughout the county, organised alphabetically by place, with photographs where available.


More about Hertfordshire Windmills

An article updating the above relating to windmills in Anstey, Barkway, Reed and Much Hadham.


Gone with the Wind

An excellent account of of windmills and how they work, plus detailed information of windmills in and around Tring (mainly in Buckinghamshire, (copy online)

Other Books

Wind, Water and Steam

Pitstone Windmill

Web Sites
List of Windmills in Hertfordshire  

Wikipedia page listing the windmills in Cyril Moore's book with a few additions.

Windmill World   More general site with page on surviving mills in Hertfordshire (with links to maps, satellite views, etc.) and details of a few historic locations.
Mill Collection, University of Kent   A major university collection of reference material,, including many photographs. The Hertfordshire page includes material on windmills at Arkley, Barkway, Colney Heath, Cromer, Croxley Green, Elstree, Goff's Oak, Great Hormead, Great Offley, Kings Walden, Little Hadham, Much Hadham, Reed, Tring, Weston and Walkern.

The Mills Archive

  Another significant collection of material on both wind and water mills.

Hertfordshire Countryside articles

The Windmills of Hertfordshire (Part I)
with pictures of mills at Arkley, Little Hadham and Great Hormead


Summer 1946

The Windmills of Hertfordshire (Part II)
 with pictures of mills at Cromer, Breachwood Green and Hitchin.


Autumn 1946


The following are mentioned on this website



Bernards Heath


Great Hormead

Windmill Hill, Sandridge

The Old Mills of  Standon




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