The Poor Law Unions of Hertfordshire


From Atlas to the Topographical Dictionaries of England & Wales

  1. Royston (Part)
  2. Hitchin (Part)
  3. Buntingford
  4. Berkhamsted (Part)
  5. Luton (Part)
  6. Hemel Hempstead
  7. St Albans
  8. Welwyn
  9. Hatfield
  10. Hertford
  11. Ware
  12. Bishops Stortford (Part)
  13. Amersham
  14. Watford
  15. Barnet (Part)
  16. Edmonton (Part)

Published by S. Lewis & Co., 1844.  Drawn by R. Creighton.  Engraved by J. & C. Walker.

The Poor Law Unions were set up under the Poor Law Act of 1834 and when researching your family history it is important to understand their role for several different reasons:

For a good introduction to the Poor Law see the Wikipedia entry.

For information on Workhouses - including some detailed information  on some of the Hertfordshire workhouses see The Workhouse web site.

Relevant News Items to Workhouses and Poor Law Unions

Tring Saves money with a Workhouse, 1724

A Chancery Case involving Joseph Adkins of Tring, 1753

St Albans Union Workhouse Contracts, 1859

St Albans Board of Guardians meeting, 1871

Nominations for Election to Board of Guardians for St Albans, 1886

New Year at Watford Workhouse, 1893

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