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This site is currently being prepared for archive, and this will involve providing more higher resolution images and better indexing of post cards. As a result some of the pages listed below may be "work in progress".

Many of the surviving views of Hertfordshire Towns and Villages of the early 20th century come from picture post cards and quite a few are used to illustrate this web site. The aim of these pages is to provide information on how cards may be dated, with examples from Hertfordshire.

 Much of my information on national publishers comes from Picture Postcards and their Publishers by Anthony Byatt, The Dictionary of Picture Postcards in Britain 1894-1939 by A. W. Coysh, and Picture Postcards of the Golden Age by Tonie and Valmai Holt.

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The Post Card Detective at WorkPicture from http://www.fotosearch.com/

In-depth Studies - Fredrick Downer

Frederick Downer was an important Watford photographer whose earliest work dates from 1862 and his work is used to illustrate many different aspects of the photographer's work.

Frederick Downer's Biography

Studio Portraits

Stereoscopic Views

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News Post Cards

The Watford Illustrated

Art Work

In-depth Studies - Crown Publishing Co


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Fred Downer of Watford

Karaktus post card - St Albans - Bachelor

Karaktus & the Crown Publishing Company of St Albans

Man in uniform - by Birdsey, St Albans

Postman circa 1910 

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