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Pumps and Wells

The Village Pump at Cottered. Postcard circa 1902

Villages wanted a supply of clear drinking water and in elevated positions on the chalk the water table was too deep for houses to have their own wells. The village pump was therefore very important.  

The Village Pump at Anstey
Early 20th century postcard in the Robert H Clark Series

The High Street
Hemel Hempstead

The pump was manufactured by J. Cranstone, whose works were in the High Street.

The gas lamp was added at a later date.

Many village pumps have been lost and in 2002 Ickleford erected a replacement on the village green, using a pump which had been used elsewhere in the village.

The village Web Site contains more details including a bigger picture.

In the village of Aldbury a combined well house and communal bake house was built by Lord Brownlow of Ashridge.

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