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A2A   Access to Archives. Combined index of many UK record depositories which, for example, allows you to locate Hertfordshire material held elsewhere.
abebooks   AbeBooks - a recommended site for second hand books
Ancestry   Ancestry. Major commercial site which includes UK censuses, birth, marriage and death certificate indexes, and much more. Includes access to FreeBMD.
bookfinder   BookFinder - a recommended site for second hand books
British History   British History Online. Full texts of important historical texts including the Victoria County History of Hertfordshire and many national texts with references to Hertfordshire.
British Library   British Library. Main UK Copyright Library
British Newspaper Archive   British Newspaper Archive - An excellent and continually expanding source of old digitised newspapers
Copac Academic & National Library Catalogue. Combined library catalogue including the British Library and other Copyright Libraries.
Cyndi's List   Cyndi's List contains over 300,000 links to Genealogy Sites on the Internet. There is a blog you can follow.
Domesday Map   Domesday Map contains a transcript of the Domesday Book, with maps showing nearby places, the Domesday hundreds and land ownership.
[IGI Batch Numbers]
  familysearch. The Latter Day Saints web site. Includes the I.G.I. Index of baptisms and marriages, 1881 census (free), addresses of LDS Family History Centres, etc. Rootsweb includes a list of IGI batch numbers.
FindMyPast   Find My Past. Commercial site which includes most UK censuses, birth, marriage and death certificate indexes, and much more.
FreeBMD   FreeBMD. Free computer searchable index of birth, marriage and death certificates. Companion sites FreeCEN and FreeREG provide free indexes to the census and parish registers but their coverage of Hertfordshire is limited.
Genes Reunited   Genes Reunited.
genuki   GenUKI. A key free site which provides an invaluable guide to UK genealogy. In contains a page on each Hertfordshire Parish and hosts the Herts Surname List and the Herts Look Up Exchange.
Geograph   Geograph is a free site which allows people to post modern photographs by location. It contains many pictures from all over Hertfordshire, including most, if not all, parish churched.
Google   Google is a powerful search engine which includes the ability to search for images and the excellent Google Maps - which combines road maps with satellite images. Google Books includes a number of key Hertfordshire texts.
GRO   General Register Office - Order Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates Online
HALS   Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies. The Records Office and central Local Studies Library for the County - The Records index is on A2A. Online bookshop of Hertfordshire books.
Herts CC   Hertfordshire County Council - for information on the county as it is now, with significant contact information directly or via links to the Borough web sites. Access to the county-wide library catalogue.
Herts FHS   Hertfordshire Family History Society
Hertfordshire Memories   Hertfordshire Memories - where people can post their own memories of Hertfordshire online.
Hertfordshire Museums   Hertfordshire Museums contains details to all the museums in Hertfordshire.
Historical Directories   Digital Library of Historical Directories. Includes a useful number of digitised trade directories for Hertfordshire.
Images   Images of England. A Photographic record of listed buildings taken circa 2000, many in Hertfordshire, together with a description of the building's history.
Listed Buildings   British Listed Buildings. Descriptions of buildings with a few pictures and comments
London Metropolitan Archives   London Metropolitan Archives cover the City of London and the former county of Middlesex and contains some information relevant to Hertfordshire.
The Long Long Trail   The Long Long Trail (1914-1918). A very important site for anyone researching their Army relatives in the First World War.
National Archives   National Archives - Includes the Public Records Office at Kew. Contains many government archives - but remember that the online indexes normally only index the documents and not the names in the documents. There is a blog associated with this site.
Old Maps   Old Maps has large scale Ordnance Survey maps of Hertfordshire online from the 1880s.
One Name Studies   Guild of One Name Studies - may help if you have an unusual surname.
Rootschat (Herts Forum)   Rootschat is an online free look-up style forum which includes an active Hertfordshire Section.
Rootsweb (Herts Forum)   Rootsweb is a vast co-operative genealogical site, with some Hertfordshire information. There is also many mailing lists and a web site, including the mailing list ENG-HERTFORDSHIRE-L and the forum, Shire of Hertford.
SoG   Society of Genealogists has a vast genealogical library (both books, microfilms, microfiche, databases, etc.) which is an essential visit if you are in London.
U3A   The University of the Third Age provides a framework for retired people to study together a wide range of topics - and one of the most popular topics is family history. Some also include groups studying local history.
UKBookworld   UKBookworld - a recommended site for second hand books
Urban Survey   Hertfordshire Extensive Urban Survey: Useful historical information.
WayBack   The Wayback Machine is an archive of web pages going back in some cases to 1996. Where a web site or page is no longer available you may be able to access the missing site or pages using the URL - you can even go back and see what this site looked at in 2001!
Wikipedia   Wikipedia - is an online encyclopaedia which has entries for many Hertfordshire people and places.

Other web sites of general interest are included in the subject index. Those relating to specific places or well defined subjects are held on the relevant web pages.

NOTICE: Mothballed Web Site pages: This web site contains a very large number of links to external web sites, and in some cases descriptive pages. Current resources do not allow these links to be regularly checked and updated - and any pages on this site may contain an old description of the external web site. Please notify me of any external links which no longer work.

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