General Genealogy Topics

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New Topics - 2004

Postcards of Hertfordshire Pubs


The Long Stay Hospitals of the St Albans area.

The Welwyn Floods of 1795

New Topics - December 2003

A Survey of Sandridge in 1726 

New Topics - November 2003

Dating Early View Picture Post Cards of Hertfordshire

Post Cards Part 1 - The Beginnings - The Undivided back

New Topics - August 2003

HORN, Undertaker, Hemel Hempstead, early 20th century

New Topics - June 2003

A Letter to a Beginner in Family History

The Policy on Questions Relating to Living People

New Topics - March 2003

War memorials and Rolls of Honour

New Topics - February 2003

The Booksellers Retreat, Abbots Langley

New Topics - January 2003

Sources and Reliability

New Topics - August 2002

Is this the right birth/baptism?

Population Movements in Rural Hertfordshire

New Topics - June 2002

Manor Rental of Gorhambury, St Michaels, St Albans, 1655 (To be completed)

New Topics - May 2002

Australian Convicts and Tattoos (cross-reference)

I've hit a brick wall ...

Manors and Manorial Records

Manorial Records - St Michaels, St Albans

World War One Pictures of Troops.

New Topics - March 2002

Rickmansworth Publicans in 1850

St Paul's Church, Hemel Hempstead

New Topics - February 2002

Troop Movements in World War One

New Topics - January 2002

Bygrave Indentures, St Albans, 18th century

St Albans Abbey: Early 20th century Post Cards

St Mary's, Aylesbury, Bucks, Visitors Book (Hertfordshire entries)

What happened to that vital record? (update)

New Topics - October 2001

The Leverstock Green Brickfields

Methodism on the Bucks/Herts Border

Watercolour Paintings of Hertfordshire by E A Phipson

New Topics - September 2001

Agricultural Depression in the 1890s

All Things Bright and Beautiful - A Social Comment

Hardship of Innholders - 1756

Postal Envelope: FORDHAM, St Albans, 1835

Repairing the Roads from Stevenage - 1730

What happened to that vital record?

Who is related to who?

New Topics - July 2001

Augustus Smith and Berkhamsted Common

Charities - The Cross Key Charity - St Albans

Visiting Hertfordshire to look for Ancestors

Why I didn't answer your Question

New Topics - June 2001

Box Lane Chapel

Settlement Certificates

SLOW/BUCK, Flamstead/Hemel Hempstead area, 1500-2001

Spelling Personal and Place Names

What did your Ancestor call himself

New Topics - May 2001

SEARs Wills at HALS

The Hertford Election of 1832

Tring Mansion

New Topics - April 2001

Rectors of Wallington 1309-1870

Jane Wenham, Witch of Walkern

Reprinted Topics from the Old Forum

My Ancestors emigrated from Hertfordshire ...

The Dangers of Internet Genealogy - or why you should check what you are told.

Looking for 20th Century Burials

Enlistment in the First World War

Some general points about early parish registers

John Dickinson's Paper Works: WW1 casualties - Names from the company war memorial

Who was Lucy Luck - and who were her family and contacts - a detective investigation.

More about Lucy Luck

Right Name, Wrong Body - Just because the name is right - beware

The Straw Hat Industry

Aldbury Railway Workers in 1851

How can you be certain about ...